Developer Spotlight

Lash Group of Companies

For six decades, the Lash Group of Companies has been a leader in the development, construction, sales and management of condos, rental and retirement communities, retail, commercial and industrial spaces.

The Lash Group prides itself on bringing integrity, inspiration, and craftsmanship to every project, along with innovative thinking.

The roots of the Lash Group of Companies goes back to 1955. That was when Abe Blankenstein founded Falco Electric. This company evolved into Falco Properties, which quickly became one of the largest residential property and industrial owners in Canada.

The company’s portfolio continued to evolve and grow, building more than 12 high-rise apartment complexes as well as millions of square feet of industrial and commercial space in the GTA.

In the late 90’s, most of the firm’s industrial portfolio was sold off and the company was renamed and continued to pioneer new thinking in rental buildings, a retirement community, exceptional condominiums in Toronto and Florida, as well as over 1,000 single family dwellings.

Today, Lash is a progressive development company.. From striving to reach ever-higher standards of quality to raising the bar on design and construction, Lash endeavours to build homes to last for discerning homeowners.

Its newest addition to the Markham and Ellesmere intersection, Tricycle. The third phase of the Me Living community, Tricycle is improving on the extremely high standard established by its sister buildings.