Developer Spotlight


Lindvest is a Toronto-based real estate development organization with roots in the highly reputed, award-winning H&R family of companies.

H&R Developments has excelled in innovative land development and construction since 1952 and has built thousands of homes in Ontario. They have been involved in land development and construction for more than 60 years. H&R Developments has operated under the Lindvest banner since 1998.

Land development was the company’s initial focus. Since 2011, this team of professionals has been developing communities under the Lindvest banner. Along the way, Lindvest has developed a reputation for excellence in planning, progressive urban design and high standards of construction.

Long renowned for townhome and single home developments, Lindvest has recently begun expanding into condo developments, starting with B.streets at Bathurst and Bloor,

To work each day to improve the quality of our homeowners’ lives by choosing established and up-and-coming locations, as exemplified with the Sonic development. They also design for real people through architecture and interior design that’s beautiful as well as functional. Finally, Lindvest endeavours to deliver the highest level of construction by using quality materials and proven methodologies.