Developer Spotlight

RioCan Living

Since 1993, RioCan has developed communities and properties designed to endure, with an eye to the future and a dedication to safety, ethics and community stewardship.

RioCan was founded in 1993 by CEO Edward Sonshine. It remains a forward-looking, entrepreneurial organization with the spirit and agility to seize opportunities and the resources to create them. Through ongoing discovery, strategy and a commitment to acting with integrity, Riocan has shaped and will continue to influence the futures of cities and communities.

Although traditionally focused on retail since around 2015, RioCan entered the residential real estate market, due to the threat from e-commerce to traditional retail. The company plans to redevelop many of its malls with high-rise apartments, including Westgate Mall in Ottawa. In March 2018, when the company announced the RioCan Living Brand.

Experience, insight and constant discovery have allowed RioCan to evolve into Canada’s #1 REIT. The best land portfolio in Canada and a talented, agile team has helped set Riocan apart from its competition and earned it the respect across the industry.